Posts for year 2020

The Art of Goal Setting

Learning to go from goal-setting skepic to giving it a go

A Coffee Group for Creatives

"We have coffee or tea. And everyone identifies as a creative". That's the tagline for my Meetup groups. Coffee Creatives.

So Who are the Creatives?

I have a coffee group for creatives and one question newcomers bring is "so who counts as a creative?"

Plant-Based Instant Soups - A Practical Side Project

Homemade food to take with you, add hot water to finish. One practical creative side project.

Story Icons Project. Part 1 - Starting with Chartopia

This is the first part of a series covering one of my occasional side projects

Audiobooks for Creativity

Five recommendations of audiobooks to help with creativity

A Side Project Blog on Creativity (and Side Projects)

This blog "Dice Song" is my new side project, focused on creativity and I intend it to be a broad subject.

Adapting to New Environments

Podcasts for Creativity

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