I like to travel with carry-on luggage. But also with a laptop and a second screen and a few books (which get priority over most other items)

So here are a few other items you might find useful and make the cut.

I haven't put in links to Amazon because I'm not a great fan of theirs.

1) Packable Day Bag

Extra bags are useful but carrying around lots of luggage is not so nice. Any bag which packs down is useful. For day trips, airport luggage surprises, shopping and unexpected gifts.

Preferably one which is water-resistant with side pockets for drinks and bits & pieces.

Mine. A Zamoke Bag.

2) Head Torch

Our phones have torchers, but they aren't always charged or convenient.

A head torch is small, has several settings and lets us operate hand free. Useful for emergencies, evening walks, night-time reading and anytime a torch would be useful.

Mine. I'll find it somewhere

3) A Mug / Container

A plastic container that can hold a drink, is microwavable, tough and with a screw-top (or other secure watertight) lid. Used for holding all sorts of bits when packing, liquids, cooking homemade soups, as a mug and most recently a mount for a portable speaker.

Mine. The best one I have is a £1 model I believe was from discount store.

4) A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers that can put out a decent sound have been growing smaller. If you like dance or music or want to connect your laptop to a more powerful speaker then this is a must.

It doesn't have to be bluetooth but that's what I mostly use.

Mine. I have a EWA 106 Pro (find measurements)

5) Travel Mini Towel

Towels are useful, but generally bulky. There are now some the size of mobile phones (folded), that unfold to a decent size (about half a yoga mat for mine).

Use for drying, sitting on, covering up and as a bandanna (just tested mine).

Mine. Lifeventure Trek Towel - Large

Honorable mentions

  • Yoga Mat. Super thin of blue plastic. Used as a beach mat, padding in bag, mat for standing desk (folded), picnic mat and a screen. And also yoga.
  • Second Screen. Powered by USB C. I've broken a couple in the past but his one is tough enough to survive so far (Azropa)
  • A Backup Charger. Small but capable of 10,000 thingies (mAh).

Personal Ones Probably Not Useful For Others

  • An A7 Notecard Box (with A7 Cards)
  • Laptop-Stand useful for improvised standing desk

Finishing Up

What do you use for travelling light?

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