Creative Podcasts for 2021

With lockdown in England continuing indefinitely, there are many hours available to listen to...podcasts.

One of my favourite subjects, I'm starting 2021 on easy mode with 5 choices to add to 2020 Creative Podcasts .

The ones from the 2020 article are still valid choices.

Leonie Dawson Refuses to be Categorised

Recommended by an Aussie from my Creative Coffees group, it's by an also Aussie creative who lives life by her own rules.

Leonie is crazy in a good way and treats listeners to a medley of subjects and opinions. The podcast gives insights into life of a creative with a successful publications spanning different mediums. There are about 2 episodes a week of varying lengths (15 minutes average).

Podcast details | One to try is the Creative Manifesto

Writing Excuses

This long-running podcast  is hosted by several experienced writers and a rotating casts of guest writers. The weekly episodes are 15 minutes and they pick apart a topic within a longer arc / theme for the season.

There are fifteen previous seasons to look over with recent series covering world-building, plot, short stories, genres and characters.  Recent themes have been Elemental Genres (season 11), Structure (season 12), Character (season 13), Worldbuilding (season 14) and Topics You Asked us About (season 16).

Each espisode has a homework and a recommended book so that's a lot of potential inspiration. There are also transcripts available.

Podcast Details. One to start with is Seriously, Where Do You Get Your Ideas?


In the UK we're in winter lockdown and many creatives are finding it hard. So Mooji is a spiritual option for those wanting guidance with self-reflection.

Welcoming of all faiths or non-faiths (I'm the latter), Mooji provides wisdom about spirituality, inner self and finding peace.

I listen to the podcasts which range from 5 to 50 minutes but average around 20.

Audio and Video Details. One to try is Peace Begins with You

99% Invisible

A venerable podcasts which covers a range of design topics with presenter Roman Mars and a host of guests.

It has a weekly schedule and episodes are 25-45 minutes long

Pocast Details. A place to start is 40+ Popular Stories from the First 10 Years

Ted en Espanol

My last pick is a Spanish one but it's also to show that it's easy to leave our comfort zones simply with the media we consume.

TED talks in English gets edged out by others options for me. But in Spanish I prefer shorter podcasts. The Spanish is clear, the speakers are polished and the topics are interesting.

Episodes are weekly and 10-20 minutes long.

Podcast Details. One to start with is No Quiero ser Madre (12th November 2020, no link).

Finishing Up

Hope you enjoy one or more of these.

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Let me have your podcast recommendations!