Picking 5 Things to do of a Morning

Picking 5 Things to do of a Morning

Trying to get to 5 things you'd do every morning if you could.

[Photo by Hannah Tims on Unsplash]

Infinite Morning Experiment

Imagine you had a morning that went on forever, and not in a bad way.

What would be all the things you wanted to do in them?

They might be things you wanted to do for fun.

...or a good idea for long term health.

...or needed to maintain and strengthen habits or relationships.

...or needed for work or mental wellbeing.

...or sounds like something you'd like to try

A few helpful ones might include

  • Breakfast
  • Journaling
  • A walk
  • Getting kids to school
  • Watering and talking to the plants
  • Listening to music on way to work
  • Watching a favourite show
  • Coffee with a friend

Then pick 3 or 5 of your favourite.

My Morning List

A mix of always, sometimes and would-like-to-try, including...

  • Coffee and cake in a cafe
  • Reviewing dreams
  • Language learning
  • Writing in journal
  • Meditation
  • A run
  • Creating something
  • Sketching something
  • Dancing around the flat
  • Shower and shave
  • Walk listening to podcast / audiobook
  • Yoga
  • Listening to a podcast
  • Reading a blog
  • Planning the day
  • Talking to someone

If I had to Pick 5 that I most wanted to do

  • Dancing around the Flat
  • Listening to a podcast
  • Writing in a Journal
  • Language Learning
  • Sketching something

And possibly talking to someone.

Finishing Up

What are your morning 5?