5 Ways to Become a Better Writer

I'm not a great writer. But I do manage to

Are Blogs Dead?

They were a hit 15 years ago, when the communities lived in the comments of the blogs and it was the medium on the cutting edge. Which has been taken by Youtube or twitter or vlogs or podcasts or...

A Last Tale of Short Words on a Song of Dice

On the back of change from last week, this is one last tale of short words. The Rule of Short Words is in my first tale.

Writing Letters To Ourselves

Recently I found a letter labelled "Duncan" with a date after which it was ok to open. It was from myself.

The Land of Port: A Tale of Short Words:

The Land of Port There is a land next to Spain. Not part of it as some may think. But a proud land with a long past of its own. I went first when young, with my kin and went back lot of times since. And I went once more in June of this year.

Creating Worlds - A Ramble

We create worlds in our minds. Worlds in dreams and online. There are worlds of fashion, of dancing, of gaming and worlds encompassing communities. I'm talking about worlds we actively construct. For games and writing and other creative pursuits.

A Quick Guide to Writing Prompts

A quick guide to some sites for writing prompts. I'll periodically come back to this article and update it with better links and sections

Finding things to Write About

As I'm moving from fortnightly to weekly, I'm tackling the problem of what to write about

A Year of Writing Articles

I started the blog in June 2020 and have written articles fortnightly for most of it. It's been my side project during covid.

Longer Story Concerning Covid Using Multiple Syllables.

Herein abides another story about Covid. Using sentences containing “longer