Finding How Much You Write

As I'm trying to focus more on writing I thought I'd make a list! You can do the same if its something that interests you! Taking Stock When we

Back to Weekly Updates

Time to get writing here each week again! More Writing The Dice Song articles haven't been the best in the last year or so. They've been a chore sometimes,

A Short Poem About Porto

I found a half-made poem in, my drafts about Porto. So here it's finished off! A Short Porto Poem Porto is a place of art by the sea In Portugal, it

A Wednesday Switch

Going to try a change, see if it works. A Change is as Good As... Seem to be lacking something in the personal blogging department. Maybe continual rain, or lots going on. Or

New Spring, New Horizons

The decision to try writing gamebooks seems to bring other benefits! Sometimes Plans are Long... I'm going to try writing gamebooks for a living. This is the first time in my