Sketchings and Paintings of 2023

Sketchings and Paintings of 2023

Here's a post of some art I did last year. Second time.

Drawing in 2023

Following on from a post last year on my 2022 drawing, here's one for last year!

It was another unusual year, as I started hosting some painting Meetups with Creative Coffees where we draw/paint and chat. Flew out to Faial (in Azores) to support a friend on their art project and first major exhibition. Made a painting from pigments of Valongo and got it displayed in an exhibition for my friends students. (woo - first work on display!)

Then moved Coffee Creative art events to their own meetup of Sketching and Painting. Then lost art friendship as this was taken as a bad thing!

And we've been sketching and painting and chatting away outdoors and indoors, around Porto, Matosinhos, Maia and Gaia. And attended workshops of my friend Roli, painting magnetic tiles!

Keep on moving and evolving.

Here is some art I did! (more info to follow)

Finishing Up

A collection I'm quite happy with! A couple more to be added.

Keeping on doing your thing in 2024!



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