Creative Cycle: Who are The Creatives

Creative Cycle: Who are The Creatives

I'm writing some articles on Creavity, today looking at different people who define as creatives.

This is one that will get expanded in the future!

Humans are All Creative

Firstly all humans are creative. We use creativity to make our meals, solve problems and have conversations.

We all start with creativity in our play and imagination when young, but this doesn't magically leave us. It's still in everyone, worn brightly or buried down a little.

Creative Professions

Then there are those who actively create something using creativity. The artists, dancers, artisans, writers, programmers and so many more.

Also the teachers, thinkers and entrepreneurs!

Those that think of themselves as creatives sometimes want to explore creativity and how it can be improved or learned.

Maybe there is a type of difference between creativity to solve problems and create things.

Crafter and Creator Hobbyists

Then there are those who have one or more creative hobbies.

Gardening, partner dancing, drawing, knitting, and so many more ways are how people spend their spare time. Relieving stress and bringing confidence as you learn and explore a hobby.

Those Who Want to Be More Creative

Then there are those who actively want to increase their creativity.

There is a skill in creating things, the ability to come up with ideas, sort through ones that resonate and make decisions on what comes next. Or follow emotions to make those and not think about the decisions too much.

Finishing Up

This is a first attempt at thinking about the groups of creatives, and who might be interested in the articles I'm writing.

What do you think are the creative parts of your life?



Duncan is an aspiring creative nomad, who publishes random lists and tools for roleplaying games. Hobbies include salsa, games, books, podcasts, languages and history.
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