Hanging Art and Reflections

Hanging Art and Reflections

I hung my art! and reflections on changes since coming to Porto

I got some trellises and hung my pictures so I could see them. They were packed away before.

Now I have an idea of where I've been heading and what I want to do next. There are themes of nature, landscapes, space-fantasy , colours and otherworldiness in there. Plus some experimentation.

As I like drawing the sea and would like to dabble in space fantasy I'll  head with doing more of that.

They'll stay showing for a while, but I wouldn't mind some other art to decorate as well (that's not stuff by me!)

Here's more of them!

Culture and Gardens

Being in Porto has also lead me places I didn't think I'd go! I've been doing painting and now leading a painting a group. And organising a Book Club (not so unexpected). But also dancing lindy hop as my regular dance, having never liked jazz much or found much affinity for lindy in the past!

I'm also managing a garden, again unintentionally. My flat had a patio with woodchips and sandy dirt. I was happy to sit in the sun, so last year I just let whatever grow. It was mostly grass but I enjoyed being in a bit of greenery.

I come from a family of gardeners (both Burts and Thomsons), so now it's a mess of (wild garden) geraniums, grass, runner beans, sunflowers, some herbs, some other veg, lots of seed pots and several plants I can't name. Plus a heavy duty double-chambererd rotating composter barrel. Because it had to be done!

It's low maintenance (or wild) as I'm happy for anything to grow! Equally I'm not precious about any of the plants as I've agreed to pull up the entire thing when I leave the flat!

Finishing Up

Hope you're enjoying your summer wherever you are!

We've got a good mix of rain and sun here in northern Portugal.



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