Rejigging Dice Song

Rejigging Dice Song

Time for a new phase for my personal blog!

Reflecting Direction

As I'm back to writing regularly, it's time to have a refresh and rethink about what Dice Song is presenting. It's still my personal blog, but it was started during covid, with family issues, living in a new place and since then its been more changes.

Starting with some new headings, which for the moment are Writing, Creative Musings, Experiments and Resources.

I want to fit art in there somewhere but haven't worked out the angle yet.

Writing covers blogging, writing a book, publishing, improving at the craft and all the other bits of writing I'm doing.

Creative Musings is an umbrella term for the nature of creativity, how we are all creatives, helping to foster that in ourselves and living a creative life.

Experiments is a bits and pieces label for new things that I'm trying out, which may go nowhere, give some amusement, or become a large part of life. Recent experiments would be trying lindy hop and forro dances, buying a harmonica and writing the draft for a gamebook.

Resources is a list of posts with recommendations, advice and lists.

The old themes of We Are All Creative, Keep on Moving and Open to Abundance are still here. They just aren't the central themes to be writing about!

Technical Updates

The basics of the blog need looking at, such as the list of articles and tags, including tagging old ones and possibly purging a few older artices.

Then wiring up the emails part so that people can subscribe properly to the blog. And looking at the features available in Ghost as its a powerful platform.

Also looking at a new theme and the backlog list of articles for Dice Song. I would like to write a little on Vision Boards, Family, Friendships and Self-Learning.

Finishing Up

Time to see where it goes and see if anyone apart from me reads my blog!



Duncan is an aspiring creative nomad, who publishes random lists and tools for roleplaying games. Hobbies include salsa, games, books, podcasts, languages and history.
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