Why Do We Write, Part 1

Why Do We Write, Part 1

Exploring why some of the reasons we write, no matter what we write.

Multiple Reasons for Writing

Whether we wright blogs, an email, poetry, fan fiction, journals, a fantasy epic or technical documentation, there is usually a mix to why we write something.


It's rare someone says, "you know, I need to make some money, let's write a book / article". Especially if the aim is to get rich.

But a lot of the writing done is to get paid for something. The articles of a freelance journalist, the emails written my middle management, the ghost writing of articles for a celebrity blog.

All of these involve a transaction of money, although often part of other services and responsibilities.

Writing for money has a different motivation, usually a deadline (by lunchtime, in time for Christmas, by the weekend). It may be something that the writer is not fully committed to, but money is a reason they finish it.

My e-books for roleplaying games are written to sell. But there's many factors as it's a one-person team of me. I get to choose when I release, what get's included, the price and anything else.

A Need to Create

If I didn't create, I'd probably me a miserable person. Which is why I write, draw and game. I need to be creating stories, games, things that can exist. Blog posts, journal entries, scribbles. It often doesn't matter what becomes of them, the process for most things is enough.

I think this is the case for a few people, the need to create, but not the majority.

To find Understanding

Writing out ideas is a powerful way to clarify them, to make them stronger and spark new ideas. This can be through a journal, article, story or email. It's like a conversation with yourself.

At times there's a nagging feeling that something is wrong, or something needs to be expressed, and writing about i makes it apparent.

I do this through morning journals and writing down lists or having cards with related ideas on them.

And writing blog posts such as these!

For Pleasure

Sometimes we write because we enjoy it. Either the actual manifesting of an idea into a story, or as a part in a greater whole.

I'm not sure I ever write solely for pleasure. There's nearly always something else I'd prefer to be doing for fun. But there are people who find it fun most of the time.

More Reasons

I'll continue with a round two, probably covering.

  • We have something to say
  • Discover Identities
  • Self Development
  • Because it's satisfying
  • Creating something longterm
  • Control and Independence
  • To be Published

Finishing Up

As always, discovering things by writing about them!

Why do you write?



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