A Ramble on Things to Occupy Hands without a Screen

Today's self indulgent blog ramble is about hands.

Hands Without Screens

More specifically, the use of hands without screens involved. Lockdown is dominated by screen time and homeworking. So our time is defined by the split in screen and no-screen time.

Our minds work differently when our hands are active. Be it knitting, playing an instruments or writing out a blog post ramble by hand. Often creative hands are active without meaning to be. I remembers hours in statistics lectures doodling away as a lecturer droned on. My brain needed something to keep it occupied.

A New Activity

And so I've set a challenge or quest to find something new for hands without a screen. Most likely in the evening. Preferably something where I'm making or experimenting.

But also doesn't make the brain too active. From experience evening brainstorming or letter writing result in early morning wake-ups. 2 am wakeup with a head head of ideas and most of the night lost to racing thoughts.

With the curse of thinking long term I'd like something easy to take travels. Long term travels so nothing heavy, bulky or requiring lots of materials. Or a workshop. Or too noisy.

I'm fairly easily occupied though, as an hour spent happily tapping away at a cuban drum proved. I have no previous drumming skills.

The Possible Hands Occupation List

My current list is

  • Cuban drums (that's not as loud as it sounds)
  • A different instrument (small so no piano or chello)
  • Cooking (but nothing I'll eat straight away as avoiding food after 6ish
  • Knitting or some other fabric (probably try several different methods)
  • Drawing (or painting or pastels)
  • A variety of handicrafts (a few small experiments)
  • Writing in other languages (sounds like study)

That's a list that needs adding to.

Finishing Up

Time for some more research!

What have you found in the evening apart from Netflix, Screens and the usual?

Anything you'd recommend for my list?

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