A Walk in the Woods.

A Walk in the Woods.

Sometimes a simple stroll is among the best of cures

[Photo by Sébastien Goldberg on Unsplash]

Many Distractions

In a world of time-sucking mobile apps with complex algorithms. Of climate change worries, shifting travel restrictions, partisan politics and a continuing pandemic it can be hard to concentrate.

Our creative endeavours are battling for time and attention with many worries, relationships and technological wanders.

Sometimes it's hard to find the motivation or inspiration to start or continue.

For this I would recommend going for a walk. (Unless you live somewhere it's just unpleasant to do so).

A Simple Cure

I believe that movement is a core need for creatives, and a simple walk is more than a way to get to the local shop.

Go walk in the woods, by the sea or river, in the park. Alone or with a friend.


  • For movement
  • for stress relief
  • for ideas
  • for a new environment, especially a green one
  • for being somewhere different
  • for seeing the world around us
  • for seeing other people, even if it's just a nod of the head or a grunted greeting
  • for conversation with a walking companion

Finishing Up

I'm lucky enough to live in a place where it's easy to go for a wander.

What's the strangest place you've been walking?

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