Peace at the Lavandaria

Peace at the Lavandaria

Having times and places where we can sit and do nothing are important.

[Photo by Scott Evans on Unsplash]

Watching the Clothes

My American neighbour recently complained about having to go and do the laundry each week.

Which surprised me as I don't mind.

In fact, when I thought about it at the lavandaria (English -laundrette), since coming to Porto time sat watching my clothes wash is one of my favourite times here.

Watching the clothes go around, maybe doing some writing or thinking. I could try shopping or getting something to eat, but I love just sitting there, not having to be anywhere.

Times of Peace

What times do you have out of home where you are somewhere else and not having to do anything?

Maybe its the allotment, or waiting in the car with no-one talking to you. Sat on a park bench or on a quiet beach.

Chances for our brains to catch up and work through thought. Or simply declutter. At home there are nearly always distractions or things that need doing.

If you don't have anything like, see if you can make it part of your week. And that probably means without using a mobile phone.

Finishing Up

I'm sure I had more to say about being at the lavandaria. I'll think about it next time I'm there  



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