Adapting to New Environments

The world is in flux in this time of Covid, with uncertainty in the present and the future. Ekhart Tolle talks of living in the "now" and to me this includes taking in where you are and using that.

Environmental Inspiration

You've all used your environment for inspiration. When young that might have been a floor becoming the sea or a bed a car.  We can create from whatever is around us. Since childhood everyone has used their surroundings for inspiration.

This is in turn affected by what are surroudings are and where they take the imagination.  A piano becomes a bar or a child's table a park bench.

I like the idea of using where we are to inspire and create. Our environs will affects us if we want them to or not.

And sometimes our environs change without warning.

A Change in Environment.

Lockdown is strange, with time spent at home when instead we would be outside, at work or socialising. Home working has become the norm. Video calls often the way to contact others. Even trips to a supermarket a challenging experience

Environments have shrunk, but many have found things they like in more time at home. A chance to make repairs and clear out junk. A chance to slow down and reconsider things.  To notice the world around in quieter streets and all the activities once taken for granted.

I've heard several say

"I don't want to go back to how it was before"

What's Your Environment?

I was lucky to move twice since the start of March. And in the UK we could go out to exercise. So I've found quiet bridleways, covered paths and patches of greenery in Devon towns. Which led to questions about what plants are edible and how I 'd missed these places in years of living near them. And a few drawings of them.

What are the 2 things that define your current environment?

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