An Article in Portuguese (English Version)

An Article in Portuguese (English Version)

My first article in a series in another language. This is the English Version. Original in Portuguese.

(Photo of Sintra by Karol Stefański on Unsplash)

Why in Portuguese?

This is not my first article in another language.  I wrote an article in Polish for an experiment.

Now I am in Porto, a city in Portugal. I hope to live in Portugal for a few years. And I want to improve my Portuguese level. I don't want to be an ex-pat living in a country and not speak anything of the language there.

So why not use my creativity blog and write an article every fortnight? I don't have a mountain of people reading here. It's easy to do an English translation with DeepL or manually.


I don't just want a random series. I have a basic plan with some goals.

  • Improve my Portuguese with articles every fortnight
  • Non-general topics. Specific to life in Portugal or other connection to Portuguese
  • I will test language resources on Ghost Blog. It is the platform for my blog.
  • In the end I will choose if I want another blog in Portuguese. Probably after my meeting with SEF.

Topics and Ideas

I need topics for a series of articles!

  • Things to learn and use European Portuguese.
  • Life in Porto.
  • Things a bit different in Portugal and England.
  • A tour or two of the best things for me (and you) in Porto.
  • Resources for people who want to move to Portugal.
  • Ways to practice and learn a language.

Finishing Up

And time for a Portuguese 'goodbye' or a few.


Até logo!

Boa noite!

Tchau tchau!




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