Making Lifestyle Cuts

Making Lifestyle Cuts

Taking a look at leaving things behind in our lives.

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Too Much To Do

Sometimes you have time for the things you want to do. These are rare times.

More often we're struggling to meet a long list of things we want to do and are expected to do.

Sometimes you take on too much and sometimes it's time to cut things.

To be clear I'm talking responsibilities and activities and hobbies and relationships. Not physical objects like shoes or tables or yachts.

When to Think About Making Changes

Either things crashed (or popped or were squeezed) and it's forced. Or we're choosing to get rid of life activities.

When there is a big change in our lives then things naturally fall away or get reappraised.

Moving to a new town, starting a new relationship or changing jobs can all be big life changes. Covid and Brexit are also examples of big changes.

But you can also choose to look at your life and decide you've got too much on. Or that there are things you don't need or don't fit life as it currently is. Or how you want it to be.

A hard thing as it can involved admitting to having taken on too much. That we might have to disappoint others or redefine relationships.

Getting Rid of Life Things. AKA Making Time

How do we choose what is better? What do we cut? What do we prioritise? How do we balance what is important with our responsibilities and desires and goals?

I've no easy answers for those I'm afraid!

Stopping things or getting rid of them can be hard. Especially ones we've done for a long time or have large emotional attachments to.

Sometimes there is also a sense of relief or things having come naturally to their end.

And not all of them are goodbyes. It might be stopping drawing for a while, not seeing someone for a while reducing them in scope.

Personal Changes

In a new situation I have a tendency to try out many things out and then cut things out. Sometimes they get squeezed out by reality and sometimes I do it with a bit of thought.

This is happening again now.

I'm living in Porto, meeting new folks and returning to the dance world. I'll have to make some hard decisions about things that may not fit life going forward.

Current life things to consider include blog posts on Dice Song, relationships back in the UK, my online gaming, a property in the UK, idea of being a nomad, learning new languages, Patreon, parts of social media...

These will all need to compete with new and shiny things in a bustling city.

Finishing Up

Do you cut things proactively? or is it something that happens when it happens?




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