Keep on Moving

What to Take With You

Time is limited in our lives, and sometimes we need

Ways to Increase Creativity

Thinking about and looking at some ways to increase creativity.

We Can All Dance

Everyone can dance, even if it's mostly in their heads.

Making Lifestyle Cuts

Taking a look at leaving things behind in our lives.

What Types of Movement Do You Have In Your Life

Physical movement can help our creativity, but have you ever stopped to think what different types of movement are in your life.

Keep on Moving

I've got a trio of creative messages I'm trying to use in my writings for the blog. The third is "Keep on Moving"

A Walk in the Woods.

Sometimes a simple stroll is among the best of cures

5 Ways to Use and Enjoy Music

Music is a big part of life but sometimes we take it for granted. Here are a few ways to enjoy or use it.