Longer Story Concerning Covid Using Multiple Syllables.

Herein abides another story about Covid. Using sentences containing “longer items”.

Longer items herewith defined: “Using sentence fragments containing letter groupings. Groupings contain multiple syllables.

Story Detailing Sunday During Covid

Sunday during Covid contains greater excitement, having daily occupational efforts removed.

Freedom allows longer morning duration residing within blankets.

Story continues using regular morning routine, containing language learning, yoga, dancing, shower, meditation, breakfast.

Additionally today lockdown interrupted via wander alongside companion. Meeting later morning, collecting coffees alongside second breakfast. After salutations, walking continues along Exmouth beaches.

Conversation meanders between topics, flowing along previously explored channels including family, Covid, investments, working travails although avoiding weather. Companion thinking about permanent offer within medical profession after being temporary doctor during Covid winter.

Parting during afternoon, after another meeting being arranged. Longer solitary wander follows, exploring Exmouth border edges, skirting Woodbury Common. Consider possibilities after lockdown finishes.

Formulate article idea around multiple syllables. Consider another article using opposite.

Afternoon merges into evening, consuming podcasts, reading articles online. Thinking about global happenings. Chatting online. Enjoy family telephone conversation.

Remember previous Sundays without pandemic restrictions. Periods containing dancing, gaming, barbecues, celebrations.

Finish evening reading. Continuing Portuguese versioned Harry Potter story. About prisoner escaping Azkaban. Going slowly.

Story Terminates.

Herewith appeared story containing sections using many syllables.

Curious about similar stories. Whether other authors contain many stylistic differences?



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