New Spring, New Horizons

New Spring, New Horizons

The decision to try writing gamebooks seems to bring other benefits!

Sometimes Plans are Long...

I'm going to try writing gamebooks for a living. This is the first time in my life I'm going to try to make a living from something I've chosen to do, want to do and have full enthusiasm for.

I've been a programmer, contractor and pdf writer for my work, which all had pros and cons.

Programming (2001 - 2013) had regular hours, good pay and lots of opportunities. And usually an office with people to work and socialise with. And there was also office and company politics, not my favourite.

Working as a contract programmer (2014 - 2018) Paid very well, had very little politics and sometimes people to socialise with. But it

Writing gaming pdfs, random tools and a games blog (2018 - Present) hasn't paid so well, and was something I more fell into. And it was only me to do writing, layout, marketing and all the other bits, apart from a few collaborations. However it has been satisfying to create tools for a hobby I love, discover lots about games and have lots of control about what I want to do.

Gamebook Creativity.

So now I'm trying to write and publish a gamebook. How is this different?

I'm still not quite sure, except it feels right. When writing first draft last November, I was excited each time I sat down to write for my gaming book. Wheter it was plotting or thinking about rules.

I understand that this will dwindle and there will be periods of grind and editing and rewriting and frustration. But I've done that all before in coding and publishing pdfs. It's all part of the process.

It's because I'm bringing together creative strands of other parts of life. Reading fantasy & game books, writing first gamebook when 11, writing blog posts, gaming, creating random tables, solo gaming, creating art, marketing, layout, world building, languages, self-learning, writing adventures...

New Vistas most Varied

Writing prose could be new in some ways, although that could be covered by world building. It might be the weakest part, but exciting parts lie ahead with a bit of poetry, solo-journalling and learning how to write well!

There is some practice in other parts, and lots to learn from gamebooks, which is an enjoyable part of research!

Finishing Up

It feels good. Like the start of something new in life good.

What's going well for you?



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