A Ramble... on Travel

A Ramble... on Travel

So...travel...a nice easy subject. In a format that doesn't really go anywhere!

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Travel on the Mind

I've been trying to navigate the labyrinth of the Portuguese Visa system recently, so the thoughts of why and how we travel are on the mind.

Coronavirus brought a halt to mass international tourism but now we are traveling alone and in hordes once again.

But themes of Brexit and climate change, identity and privileged also touch on travel. Luckily these can mostly wait for another time.

It's been a time of closed doors and open hearts and changes everywhere. Of people desperate to let off steam or escape poverty. Of those who can and those who can't.

We don't need to travel. We could live our lives happy as our ancestor did, in the same village, not going much distance.

But their ancestors were hunters and gatherers, in nomadic tribes that started in Africa.

Maybe it's just a part of who we are.

Why Do We Travel?

Some want to see new places, to try new things. We get bored of the same old or are drawn by colourful marketing of other places.

Maybe it's to escape pain, responsibility or hard decisions. Or war and conflict. We might want time to heal, a place to earn more money or a new place to call home.

Some travel for work, possibly seeing little beyond airport lounges, hotel rooms and offices.

Maybe it is the life we aspire to or want to live for a couple of years or the rest of our lives

For some it might be to find out what they do want. To "find ourselves" or have time away from regular life to think with distance and clarity.

Or a combination of these.

How We Travel

I'm not talking about car or train or plane, but our state of mind.

Are we open to new experiences, absorbing things, adapting to what is around us.

Or are we carrying the world with us, living the same life wherever we go?

How much will we change? Or is it a case of how much are we willing to change? Is it skin deep?

Travel can bring us new ideas and friends, experiences not possible at home and changes in mind, soul and perspective. It can focus what is important in our home lives or bring us to confront things we've been avoiding.

It can also bring challenges for relationships, safety and finances.

Continuous Travel

One option which appeals to me is a life combining work and travel. For sure its a privilege many don't have the option of. And something many won't want either.

I'm thinking about thinks like...

What does nationality mean in a constantly global or connected world?

Where is the divide between, travel, work and life?

What are the differences between a drifter, a wanderer, a nomad, a traveller and a tourist?

What does home mean to those who are on devices 50% of their hours?

Finishing Up

I've been on trial runs this summer and autumn and hopefully I'll find out what a life of slow travel looks like on Easy Mode in Europe.

How are your travel plans looking?

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