A Final Ramble on Simple Pleasures

The point is that we often make things hard. When they should be easy. Things creep into life and take up time. Barriers and boundaries are pushed, ties and relationships building up, some chosen, some not.

A Ramble... on Travel

It's been a time of closed doors and open hearts and changes everywhere. Of people desperate to let off steam or escape poverty. Of those who can and those who can't. We don't need to travel. We could live our lives happy as our ancestor did, in the same village, not going much distance.

A Ramble on Dreams

3 Years ago I listened to a book which almost melted my mind. It talked about dreams we could control. That had scientific studies done on it. And so I started looking more into dreams

Creating Worlds - A Ramble

We create worlds in our minds. Worlds in dreams and online. There are worlds of fashion, of dancing, of gaming and worlds encompassing communities. I'm talking about worlds we actively construct. For games and writing and other creative pursuits.