Who is the Audience for Your Creativity

Who is the Audience for Your Creativity

Who is the audience for what you're making?

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Knowing Your Target Audience

When I started writing DiceSong I asked myself who the primary audience was.

I remember advice about making reader avatars and the ideal customer. Of knowing who you are making something for.

How to Create a Reader Avatar for Your Blog
A 6 step process to identify and understand your blog reader so you can create an avatar, with bonus template.

It's a powerful idea for money-making activities. But I also associate it with talk of "sales funnels" and other marketing-speak.

It's an idea that can be applied to most creative and commercial activities.

But I also think that "anyone who is interested" is a valid choice. And sometimes the actual audience is a surprise to creators.

For our Coffee Creatives group it's anyone who self-identifies as a creative and is based in or near Exeter and Exmouth.

For my RandRoll blog I'm targeting people who run Dungeons and Dragons and are happy using random tables and tools in their games.

A Personal Blog

But this Blog is a personal blog. It has no commercial aims. The topics are quite varied and there are few uniting themes.

It's a place for me to write to develop ideas. I wanted somewhere to write about shit beyond my journal. Somewhere public but under my control.

So the obvious audience is...myself

Others hopefully also benefit from it, but I'm choosing topics that interest me and have yet to develop much interaction with others here.

I think it's true for many creative pursuits that we make for our own enjoyment.

Changes in Time

And with time these things will change. A blogger can pivot, a podcaster can head into new territory or an actor make the leap into singing...

Some of my articles are written with others in mind. I suspect over time I'll be writing more for others or as I explore more topics.

Maybe I'll even develop some Reader Avatars. Salsa dancers in Cornwall, global travelers who like banoffee pie or readers of fantasy who are trying to learn Spanish.

Finishing Up

Maybe I should write up some better audience avatars for my other websites...

Have you ever tried to find avatars for your readers / audience / customers?

the answer is "it depends". The answer to so many questions!

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