Ramble in Another Language (English Translation, Rozmawiać w innym języku)

This is my first blog article in another language! (This is the English Translation of the original Polish article).

Article in another language

I had a plan for first article in another language. I planned on writing in Spanish. But my Polish tutor had another idea. I would write a post in Polish. Although with lots of help with grammar. (Polish grammar is pretty tough)

Why an article in another language?

My blog theme is creativity. My place to try out new thoughts. And I wanted to try a new way of writing an article.

But as I was writing my article, a theme emerged. It was the theme of identity.

Strong Identity

Identity is a super-important motivation. And a theme for another time.

Here my identity is "I am someone who learns other languages". I don't want to be an Englishman with only one language.

When I learnt Spanish, I didn't have an obvious reason. But Spanish was the easy choice.

I danced salsa, surrounded by Latin music. I had housemates who spoke Spanish.

Spanish? Why not?

Several Polish have asked do you learn Polish? In truth, it is not an easy language for English people.

Why Polish?

I have several reasons for learning Polish. A few small reasons.

  • I Like learning
  • I like learning languages
  • Polish is hard. It is a challenge
  • I  like Polish places
  • There is very good salsa and bachata in Poland
  • It's not the first language I am learning
  • I like that Polish is a Slavic language, but uses the latin alphabet
  • Learning languages is good for the brain and long-term health

When I wrote these reasons, I realised my biggest reason for learning Polish.

It is identity. A European identity. And a global one. This is the motivation to learn more. To be a world citizen.  

Global Citizen

Yes, I am from England. But I have Scottish blood and many influences from American culture. I dance Latin-american and African dances. I have friends from Europe and further afield.

With the Inetnet the world is smaller. We can make Zoom calls to People in Spain. Or New Zealand. Or China.

It is easy to read an Arabian newspaper, listen to a Portuguese Podcast, find music from New Zealand or Japan.

Another Place

With Brexit we have large contrasts. I had to think about Great Britain and it's relationship with the world.

I don't want to live the next few years in a post-Brexit England.

Maybe in Gibraltar, or in Portugal, or Ireland. Maybe I will be a "Creative Nomad" and live while slowly traveling.

I want to try being a global citizen.

And I wanted to write an article in another language!

Finishing Up

I must write an Engish version. But my first version was in Polish.

What question of identity did you have in the last year?



Duncan is an aspiring creative nomad, who publishes random lists and tools for roleplaying games. Hobbies include salsa, games, books, podcasts, languages and history.
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