A Tale of Short Words in the Plague.

So this post is a hard one to write.

The Rule of Short Words

It is a task to use just words of one Syl. A made up word short for a long word.

I may try one more post which is just words of more than one syl. Oh the joys that the days to come will bring.

Note that I can't say one sound as a word may have more than one sound in just a few runes.

For the next part I will write out a tale of a day in short words.

Yes “Plague” is a “short word”. I found a good site which shows words by length. Jumped is a short word by this site.

A Day of the Plague

I won't say this is a good tale. Or a true one. Or a fun one. But it was tough to write.

The day starts in the home. It is on the whole, left in the home. Due to strict rules I am meant to go out just for food runs or for a walk. And then once a day. But my food run is on the fifth day of the week and this is the third.

So my walk is to the cafe (please don't add an 'E' sound to the end, that would break the rule of short words). Where I buy a cup of hot brown stuff to drink. With some oat milk. And it is not tea. To go with it I add food of two bits of bread with non-meat things to fill it out.

I chat a bit with the cook and pet her dog. We talk about the sun and rain and clouds and plague and her dog. The talk of the land.

Then I walk home.

The rest of the day is not as fun. A day of work and the ways to not work. Which is fine.

At twelve I go on a zoom call with a group to talk of dreams and hopes and the plague. We have some new folk and some from out of town. We talk of when life can go back to how it was. Or at least some of how it was. The the last year has shown us all things that we won't miss much.

Tea is soup. Or two soups as one does not a real meal make.

Then I work late to write this tale. There are no more links to real folk. Then I laugh when I read this tale. The bar for fun in the plague is low.

Then I write some notes in books.

I end with a book in the tongue of a far off land. One next to Spain. Book 3 in the long tale of lots of books of a boy mage (or witch) at a school for them. He has a friend with the name of Ron.

The End.

Post Tale Part

So goes the tale of a day in short words.

What is yours like?



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