I'm Writing a Book!

I'm Writing a Book!

So I'm writing the draft of a book for November!

November Writing Challenge

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, where writers are supposed to do 50,000 words and maybe submit it to an official site.

That's not what I'm doing.

What I am doing is writing the first draft of a book for November, but not submitting it anywhere and it doesn't matter how many words it is.

That's because I'm writing a fantasy adventure gamebook, like the Choose Your Own Adventure or Fighting Fantasy books where you can choose your own path from the options given.

So the important thing isn't the number of words, but the structure, the setting, the rules and joining the parts together. The prose and descriptions can come later.

I'm using a physical notepad, which I'll transcribe to digital when I'm ready. It actually quite works well as I need to flick between different sections often!

Mythic Westcountry

It's going to be a fantastical version of Westcountry England, just after (or maybe 40 years after) the Roman Legions withdraw at the start of the 5th Century CE.

But with magic and fey and the like. A time of opportunity, when raiders from west and east are attacking and settling. Old faiths are re-emerging, the remains of the imperial life are trying to impose their authority and

The nearest books to compare to are series such as Fabled Lands and Legendary Kingdoms, series of adventure gamebooks, where characters can wonder from book to book, with each book representing a different area.

But I want to focus more on low-key events, fishers, herders, traders and family. Characters will have a home base where they grew up and can find aid.

So by the end of November I'm planning on having enough for a draft, with everything playable and threads complete.

Until I edit it and rewrite that is!

Finishing Up

I'm happy writing for now.

Are you doing anything for NaNoWriMo this year?



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