A New City of Portugal

A New City of Portugal

I've moved cities in Portugal, so thinking about what it means.

New City, Old City

The new city is actually Vila Nova de Gaia, just across the Douro from Porto and part of the greater Porto metropolitan area. Two metro stop rides from being back in Porto itself.

Lease ended on old flat so had to find somewhere new and chose the quieter area in a less tourist area.

And unlike when I moved here from England in 2022, I'm now more established. With friends, dance communities, a painting group, some meetups, favourite spots and a whole lot more!

A Chance to Have a Think

Being in a new area of a familiar place means its a chance to stop and think. Not to reset everything but start new habits and decide what's important.

  • New favourite local places. For me cafes to write in, places to meet friends and locations to escape the flat.
  • What to keep and get rid of in possessions. Even if not trying you'll pick up things living somewhere, and moving is one of the best times to clear it out. During the move or right after it when re-organising
  • New habits to start. In a new location routines change as you adapt to your environment. Good habits can be established and maybe negative ones replaced.
  • Hobbies and people. It's also a chance to consider who and what you want in your life. If it's time to move on from some activities and groups, or try something new with existing friends or revisit something you used to love.

Personally I want to find some places to sketch, revisit latin dances, learn some Forro and tidy up my own meetup events!

Finishing Up

I also have a view! It's also far more Portuguese here than on fringes of Porto centre.

Have you moved recently? What have you changed with that?



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