Understanding our Emotions

Understanding our Emotions

If you're not someone in tune with your emotions it can be a long journey.

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Some People Struggle with Emotions

I'm not someone who is naturally good with emotions. I don't think this is that unusual either.

I'm from a family which hasn't always shown a lot of emotion or expressed it openly. Or that's my impression.

It's also not naturally one of my strengths.

I also think this is something newer generations are better at (at least in the UK). Recognising their own and emotions in others.

It Can Get Better

I started a journey a few years ago with a course with Iron Mill College in Devon. They offer courses on Counselling and Psychotherapy and one of those was recommended for improving Emotional Intelligence.

I followed the course online over several months and noticed an improvement in identifying my own emotions and those of others.

With life and experience most people get a better handle on our emotions. I think that there are many parts of modern society that don't help with this such as less community and our relationship with technology.

We Can Use Our Emotions

When we understand our emotions better we can also use them in constructive ways. The energy of anger can be used to create, different music playlists can be use to bolster or induce particular emotions.

I think many artists and other creatives are people who have a better understanding of their emotions.

A Continuing Process

I've been writing down emotions every day and helping to identify them. Naming them.

Maybe I should do it more in conversation. Naming emotions being felt and pausing more to sense those of others.

I'm also looking for my next project to help with emotional intelligence beyond podcasts and audiobooks.

Maybe working through the same course a second time would be a help.

Finishing Up

I'm relieved to have written this.

And excited about future possibilities. Which is helped by living in a new country!



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