A Ramble on Positive Interruptions

Life's interruptions come in many forms. Covid kicked us in the head and disrupted the world.

I want to explore more positive interruptions that cause a "Yes, that's what I want" moment. While considering the reflections Covid has caused.

A Creative Ramble

I'm unsure how disruptions relate to creativity or side projects. But I've an urge to explore them and I set up the blog to go where it will.

So call this a creative ramble, on a subject I will return to again in various forms.

No doubt what I'm looking at others explore elsewhere. So I'd appreciate any links or resources that look relevant!

To give perspective on the ramble, related words and phrases include...

Circuit Breaker.
Bring to your senses.

"Positive interruption" is the nearest phrase so far.

What are Positive Interruptions

A positive interruption makes us sit up and reconsider. Something intentional, happenstance or an interruption we turn into a positive. To ask questions about where we are going and what we are doing.

It might give you another perspective, break a bad habit or stop you going down a hole.

Negative interruptions would include distractions, bad news and global pandemics.

But it also shouldn't be routine. Weekly coffees, pets, classes and a commute are things that are part of the regular. They don't provide the disruptions.

Restrictions and Rethinking

Coronavirus has come into our lives bringing disruption, upheaval and hardship. We face restrictions in work, travel and many face an uncertain financial future.

Yet the disruption has given time to think. While friends want to return to a covid-free life several have said they don't want to return to the "old normal". We've had to confront what is valuable, where we want to spend time and who with. Many are prioritising clean living, social ties and self-compassion.

It's the chance to consider that I want to repeat. Interruptions on a smaller scale in a positive fashion.

Making Positive Interruptions Happen

To set up a positive interruption it has to be something that's not routine. Someone or something to brighten our day.

Some ideas are an accountability partner, a monthly check-in or a holiday. Some regular holidays fall into the "routine" bucket.

Depending on how you operate you might plan them out or make them as a surprise.

Possible whys include

  • Get us started on a project
  • Checking in on a habit
  • Giving us time to reflect
  • Think on a long term level instead of from in the thick of it
  • Seek an outside perspective

Then is it a one-off, something to repeat or part of a set of interruptions.

It could be

  • Joining a monthly group
  • Irregular coffees with a friend
  • Setting aside an hour next week to think
  • Ask a friend to visit
  • End of year review
  • A week holiday to a new location
  • Asking a friend to be an accountability partner on a long term project

Once you've decided then set it up.

Personal Positive Interruptions

My first regular positive interruption is a quarterly check-in. I schedule in a week to review stats, sort photos, do backups and review long-term goals.

A time to do necessary tasks but also look at the whole picture. A chance to set future direction. If life permits I'll also take a break from work and do something out of the norm, making it a positive experience.

The second is Coffee Creatives, my local coffee meetup. Currently it's irregular due to Covid restrictions. Because I organise it I'm obliged to turn up and talk to people.
In normal times it is a weekly event, but due to new arrivals and irregular regulars each meetup is a new surprise. I often come away with a new perspective on a creative topic.

There are also positive interruptions I would like to setup. Such as a mastermind group on writing prompts or financial independence.

Finishing Up

No doubt I will return to "positive interruptions" and I'd appreciate relevant resources.

What are your positive interruptions?

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