New Article Ideas

New Article Ideas

A bad idea for an article but a good one for my ideas.

Some Random Ideas as an Article!

Well, today I'm struggling to write a fortnightly blog post, and no articles in my backlog inspire me. So it's time to think of some ideas of what to write for future articles on Dice Song!

Articles on Keep on Moving, We Are All Creatives and Open to Abundance

These are three core themes for the blog, but currently it's not inspiring to write about.


Maybe some text interviews with friends from Portugal or UK or further afield. Get some more perspectives on my neglected blog.

Trying Something New

I could do a series on something new as a challenge. Like knitting, a musical instrument, a new language...

Guides to Porto

Some guides on favourite places in Porto. Easy to do but not really in keeping with the blog.

Random Ideas

Not random as in roll a die, but as in probably a bad idea. Or the best idea going.

These include

  • bad limericks
  • not really understanding art
  • writing for others
  • a holistic view of life
  • haphazard ways of learning languages
  • trying to do too many things
  • the joys of sorting
  • the joys of systems
  • being from a large family
  • no one knows what they are doing
  • different types of friendships
  • gardening in a city patio
  • systemised creativity
  • painting instead of recycling
  • a 1€ painting set
  • Time to consolidate
  • an international life

Finishing Up

Hmm ok so not finished with the blog yet. Some more ideas in there that might have potential.



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