Reflecting on....Blogs

Reflecting on....Blogs

So today's blog is another quick one, with the random subject of Reflect on..Blogs

Blogs to Reflect On

Today is one of those in-between times, as I'm meant to be moving to a new flat in Portugal in the next few days. And I'm attending a blues and swing weekend in Porto, so time is limited.

Which is why I fell back on an article idea generator, which gave ideas of "Reflect on" and "Blogs". so here we are

I have two blogs, which represent "work" at Rand Roll and here at Dice Song which is more an exploration and accountability tool.

Rand Roll is going well, with daily readership at around 900 people a day, and it's over 5 years old now. The focus has shifted, moving into solo roleplaying games and British rpgs in recent times. I'm still publishing random tables, the generator and pdfs guides and will restart the interviews in coming weeks. It earns a little bit of money through affiliate links. I'm really happy with how it's going.

Dice Song is my personal blog, a place to explore creative ideas and write about things I didn't always know needed exploring! It's been going since June 2020 so also keeping up consistent. These are a struggle to write sometimes as I don't always set aside the time needed for them, but the posts are often useful to write and re-read. It's had an annual recommendation of creative podcasts and audiobooks, and is also now becoming a place to put some Porto resources and keep track of my painting /sketching!

It's a random hodgepodge and that's ok.

Then there is the reading of blogs, which I'm back to daily and have a roster of blogs that I go through, one a day.

Lastly I also publish on reddit, currently doing daily with a link to an rpg tool. Not really a blog but it is regular publishing, that I'm intending to continue with until I've had enough.

Hopes and Plans for Blogs

Rand Roll slowly grows and evolves, and I'm hoping to strengthen a community around it this year. Connected to reddit, an itch jam, discord and a relaunched patreon. Plus more of a theme with the solo games and British RPGs.

Dice Song is an eternal conundrum, but I'll keep on with it. I've actually had people sign up to the blog (for unknown reasons), so might have to invest in the mailer connection and a revised design. time will tell. For now it's likely to continue as a random mish-mash of varying utility (to anyone but me). And that's ok.

I'm glad to be back to reading blogs, and hope to continue the daily habit, finding some more interesting international blogs to read and finding out where the future might take us, among a world of AI-created mass articles!

I might look at Medium or Substack or Pinterest to do some more publishing. Maybe take my art more seriously! But for now 2+ blogs is enough for me.

Finishing Up

That's actually more positive than expected. Guess continue with things for the moment.

What are your blog reflections like?



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