Creative Audiobooks for 2022

Creative Audiobooks for 2022

Following on previous articles on Audiobooks and Podcasts, here are creative audiobooks for 2022.

These are available in dead tree formats too. I haven't linked to the Audiobooks as I don't know your preferred platform or country. Hopefully you do!

[Cover image by Lee Campbell on Unsplash]

Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks

Playing time: 10 hours

"Engage, Teach, Persuade, and Change Your Life through the power of Storytelling"

Matthew tells stories from his life and of how he used them to win live storytelling competitions.

He then deconstructs those stories and gives tools and advice on how to find the stories lurking in our own lives, and then how to tell them well.

I've probably got more use out of it second listen round as there is a lot to take in for this audiobook.

Brain Food by Lisa Mosconi

Playing time: 12 1/2 hours

"The Surprising Science of Eating for Cognitive Power"

Not an obvious one initially but this one has a lot in it for creatives. We use our minds a lot in creative endeavours, and its worth considering what we feed ourselves sometimes.

Our brain needs different nutrients to the rest of the body and Lisa goes into details about what we need and what foods and eating habits can help with these.

Lisa grew up in Italy but studied in the USA so had both worlds to lend contrasting ways in how they treat food and health.

How Innovation Works by Matt Ridley

Playing time: 13 hours

"Serendipity, Energy and the Saving of Time"

A look at the history of innovation and how it all comes together.

Interesting for the case studies and a look at how creativity is used in the process alongside a collective collaboration. And how the right environment can foster creativity and the wrong one can stifle it.

Wilding by Isabella Tree

Playing time: 12 1/2 hours

"The Return of Nature to a British Farm"

This is probably my favourite listen of the last year. Not an obvious one for creativity but it is a story of how a couple decided to do something a little different.

It tells the story of Knepp Farm, which used traditional farming techniques for generations and changed everything when they let everything go wild.

I was fascinated by the story of introducing cattle, pigs and deer to their farm, and later beavers. The difference made to the surroundings that allowed nature and animals to function differently to how they are normally seen in the UK.

Its a story of how many of our preconceived ideas (of nature and other things) are based on modern concepts and how different that world is to one that existed 60 or 100 years ago.

Knepp is on my list to visit when in the UK.

Beginners Guide to Dream Interpretation by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Playing time: 1 1/2 hours

Shorter than the other titles, this one goes into the common dreams and what they can symbolise.

Clarissa goes into techniques for recalling and looking at the hidden meanings of your dreams.

Many creatives are interested in dreams so this is a good starting point if you want to learn more.

Finishing Up

What are the creative books and audiobooks that have inspired you in 2022?




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