A Love of Podcasts and Audiobooks

I'm doing some articles on things I love (so far books, dance and creating), next up being Podcasts and Audiobooks. Friday Is Podcast Day Every Friday morning I get excited as I remember

Creative Podcasts for 2022

Continuing a tradition of 1 post per year recommending podcasts [https://www.dicesong.com/tag/podcasts/], here are some for 2022! Podcasts are easy to consume as I walk, housework or travel. I

Creative Podcasts for 2021

Creative Podcasts for 2021 With lockdown in England continuing indefinitely, there are many hours available to listen to...podcasts. One of my favourite subjects, I'm starting 2021 on easy mode with 5 choices

The Art of Goal Setting

I've always been wary of when I've heard of aggressive goal setting as being key to high-achievement (whatever that means). But I'm going to give it a go. Goal Skeptic Goal-setting in a

Podcasts for Creativity

So I'm starting the new blog with something easy. Something I know. I'm already writing on a new blog platform (nikola) in a very open field (creativity). This is how I start most