Audiobooks for Creativity

Like Podcasts for Creativity this looks at Audiobooks for creativity. Also available in book or e-book format but I find non-fiction books much easier to listen to than read.

I haven't linked to the audiobooks as I have no way of knowing your preferred platform or medium!

1) Reflections on the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron wrote the renowned The Artist's Way, recommended by creative friends. The Artist's Way is a step-by-step process of opening up   or reawakening your creative self. It concentrates on overcoming self-limiting beliefs through exercises and self-reflection.

Reflections is a recording of the Author's thoughts on the content in the Artist's Way. It includes a lecture and live questions and answers session.

2) On Writing by Stephen King

This is a mix of autobiography and writing tips from horror writer Stephen King.

Read by the author, the audiobook's content is practical and to the point. There is advice about managing your writing, getting published and coping with life's trials.

An absorbing book mixing the story of a successful creative with learning opportunities. I got something more as I've read several of King's books and got to view them from another angle.

3) Dreams of Awakening by Charley Morley

This book explains the fascinating  world of lucid dreams and ways to access them. The main principle of lucid dreaming being the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. A place where the barriers and realities of the waking world fall away.

An engaging listen, it offers an easy to grasp introduction to the world of lucid dreamings. It explained several techniques for paying attention to your dreams and entering a lucid dreaming state.

It opened up a new world for me in an non-scary manner.

4) 100 Side Hustles by Chris Guillebeau

Out of place at first glance, this book is about how to make money while continuing with your regular life.

But it's packed with ideas and stories. One hundred stories of people trying interesting projects and making money from them.

From selling hammocks to sending crickets by post. It's a blend of pragmatism and creativity. Adapting skills and opportunities to their current lifestyle.

I hope something can give you an idea for a project or a new direction for an existing one. Or even a way to make money from creativity.

5) The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

I didn't know who Amanda Palmer was before listening to the book. A singer, songwriter, musician and performance artist who made headlines using Kickstarter.

A fascinating story of her career.  An example of a creative engaged with fants and pushing the boundaries of their craft.

For me someone who give insights into something I'm not great at. That's asking others for help, advice or support. And a bonus for me was the inclusion of Neil Gaiman in the story.

Finishing Up

So those are my five. What would be your five? Or one or three?

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