Podcasts for Creativity

So I'm starting the new blog with something easy. Something I know.

I'm already writing on a new blog platform (nikola) in a very open field (creativity).

This is how I start most new things. With something easy and a low bar to cross for a success.

So here are 5 Podcasts for Creativity

Why Podcasts?

They are easy to consume as I walk, housework or travel. I can choose my inputs and learn about things I have an interest in or know nothing about.

  1. No Such Thing as a Fish

Ideas is an important thing for creatives, and this is where this podcast comes in. No Such Thing as a Fish is half interesting facts and half comedy as most of the facts are bizarre, comical or surreal.

The 4 presenters each present a main fact and then there is a meandering presentation of related stories and facts added by all and sundry.

It's great for insteresting and funny up trivia from the real world .

  1. Seth Godin

Yes appears to be a marketing podcast. But it's by someone who things for the long term and speaks sense. It's more about the spread of ideas than anything else.
And selling themselves seems to be somewhere where creatives have trouble with

Episodes are around half an hour, it's just Seth although there are lots of replies to listener questions.

  1. A History Podcast (Tres Cuentos)

Human problems are doomed to repeat and nowhere is this more prominent than in history.
A history culture is a great mix of ideas and stories.
Tres Cuentos in particular is stories from Latin America, published in both Spanish and English.
You can easily find others on Ancient Egypt, England or China.

  1. By the Book

This one is more for a mix and options for lifestyles. Two US women take a different self-help book each week and live throught it
This give ideas for lifestyle changes and alterations from many different sources without having to go through all of them ourselves.

  1. Something from another culture.  (SynTalk)

Like the history one this one is a suggestion to find one from a culture different to you. If you are reading this then you can find english-speaking podcasts from many different cultures outside of the Anglo-centric ones
My featured one is SynTalk from India. Each week a group of academics digs into a deep topic such as Death, Poverty or Dreams
For a couple of hours they discuss it but also coming at it from a viewpoint I wouldn't get from British or American speakers.

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What audiobooks would you recommend?



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