And Now Research Begins: Book Writing!

And Now Research Begins: Book Writing!

Realising now what needs researching for a gamebook

Book Progress

A brief one this time, as lots of spare time in trying to finish first draft of book for November.

Draft means a reader can wander and sail around the six regions of Mythic Westcountry, encounter various creatures, complete quests for their starting village, complete capstone quests for each region. Plus carousing, trading, hunting and foraging.

I've got a list of things to research / visit

  • Cornish history and culture
  • Various old and interesting places in the Westcountry
  • Knepp or somewhere similar to see what English countryside may have looked like a while back
  • Romans in Britain
  • Celtic myth and legend
  • Saxon myth and legend
  • Other modern adventure gamebooks

Plus Breton, hill forts, pre-roman Britain and a few other items!

No idea how long this project will eventually take!

Finishing Up

What are your favourite places near where you grew up/lived?

Happy End of November!



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