What Changes do you Want to Hold on to?

As we start to look to the future, it's worth considering what things we want to keep...

Not a Return to the Same Normal

In the UK we are emerging from the darkness, with over 50% at least partially vaccinated. Restrictions continue to lift and soon we can make foreign trips again.

But now is also a time have a quick look at our Covid journeys. The world looks very different, we've lost loved ones and been reminded how fragile our reality is.

We've made a lot of changes from Covid and had time for reflections. And to consider what we want our future to look like. But in 6 months Covid might just be just a memory, or something we don't see where we are living.

Changes to Keep

So the question is what do you want to keep from the changes of the last year? What is different about your life from before Covid that you actually prefer? What do you not want to lose in the return to a semblance of normality?

Is it an ability to work from home? A fitness regime? Simply taking the time to enjoy simple things?

A Daily Dance,

In my own Covid journey I've left a home of 20 years, moved to the sea and lost my father. Hobbies of in-person gaming and partner dance have gone on hold, as have travel plans.

But there's a new blog, a comfortable income from writing gaming supplements and new plans involving Portugal and the EU.

Three things I want to keep are

A daily dance. Dancing to 3 random songs each morning, wherever I am. A simple habit which involves movement, good vibes and creativity.

A place to write. I've found writing to be important for organising thoughts. I've got a small journal where I write a page each morning. And a blog where I can write on random topics. I'll continue writing for fun and hope to take this a lot further in the future

Paying for learning. I'm in the lucky position to be able to afford regular Portuguese and Polish lessons. And so instead of trying to figure everything out on my own or for free, I'm starting to be happy paying for learning when it makes sense. It's more about asking for help than the money part.

Finishing Up

I'm sure there will be more, and they will become more apparent with time and the contrast between lockdown life and normal life becomes apparent

What are the 3 things you want to keep?



Duncan is an aspiring creative nomad, who publishes random lists and tools for roleplaying games. Hobbies include salsa, games, books, podcasts, languages and history.
It varies. Probably in Europe