So Who are the Creatives?

I have a coffee group for creatives and one question newcomers bring is "so who counts as a creative?"

Creatives All Around Us

Everyone has some type of creativity but it might not be recognised as such. From making food to the way we dress and the media we consume.

Conversations, social media, or hopes and dreams all have creative elements to them

We all start with creativity in our play and imagination when young, but this doesn't magically leave us. It's still in everyone, worn brightly or buried down a little.

The Creative Type

There is a perception that "Creativity" belongs to "artistic types".   That maybe creativity is something you have or don't have.

The writers, dancers, actors, film directors all have that "spark" that lets them make things and others don't have that ability.

But its not uncommon for classify people as "left-brained" or "right brained". Perceieved as creative or not-creative.

Boxes of Logic and Technology

For years I thought of myself as someone good at maths and science and thus I wasn't particularly creative. I had the same belief as I made a living as a coder for many years. That because I worked with numbers and  logic it was far apart from creativity.

A few years ago I realised I'd been creative all my life. I'd played roleplaying games for decades, making up worlds, games and shared stories with friends. And that software developers are paid to be creative, creating code to solve problems.

You are that Creative

In truth humanity is creative by it's nature. Solving the problems little and large is how we've evolved.

You are creative every day. Its a question of mindset.

From how to market a product, arrange your garden, fit things around your kids' schedule or make time to see friends. All these use a creative part of our brain.

Not only artists, coders and dancers. Parents, cleaners, farmers, politicians and builders too.

Finishing Up

Everyone is a creative by being human. Some of us taught to hide it or to think otherwise.

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What do you think of as creative others might not?



Duncan is an aspiring creative nomad, who publishes random lists and tools for roleplaying games. Hobbies include salsa, games, books, podcasts, languages and history.
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