Favourite Bits of Devon (and UK)

Favourite Bits of Devon (and UK)

When you live away from somewhere, you find out what you like about it most.

[Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash]

Devon Delights

I'm back in the UK for a week or two, so once again getting to see what I miss most or notice most when I'm back.

Of course its friends and family, but that's true whenever you're away from a place. Quite often the things we notice most are unexpected ones.

My Devon Delights are...

  • Browsing charity shops for books! Cheaper and like a bargain hunt. Today I found The Other Bennet Sister and a Beginner's Guide to Watercolours (for £2.50/€3)
  • Fish and Chips. You can get something similar in Portugal, but it's never quite the same!
  • A certain type of rain and fog. Weird to say, but I quite like wander with a fresh sea breeze and drizzle
  • Public Footpaths. In the UK we have lots of small trails and footpaths to wander in the countryside, which isn't always the case in Europe

Hmm that's about it. Sure there will be lots more I think of once I've published!

Finishing Up

What were your surprises when you've lived away from somewhere and then gone back?



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