Learning to Let Go

Of all of the skills of life, learning to let go is one of the hardest but most valuable. Letting go of Things It could be a relationship, a project, a hobby, a

New Spring, New Horizons

The decision to try writing gamebooks seems to bring other benefits! Sometimes Plans are Long... I'm going to try writing gamebooks for a living. This is the first time in my

A Sense of Peace

This morning I went to the market in Bolhão for a coffee and to people watch. And then I had no pressing need to accomplish anything or go anywhere... A Momentary Moment It

Favourite Bits of Devon (and UK)

When you live away from somewhere, you find out what you like about it most. [Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash] Devon Delights I'm back in the UK for a week

Random Reward Rolls

Looking at ways to use randomness in a positive way. [Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash] Positive Randomness Randomness and uncertainty are part of life, some welcome and some not. Unwelcome ones might