Maintaining a Frame In Times of Change

Maintaining a Frame In Times of Change

Our external and personal routines can keep us going in times of change. Short one this week as started travels again.

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Constants in Times of Change

Introspective one today so apologies if referencing own experiences a lot.

When we go through large changes in life, it can be interactions with others and our own regular personal routines

Covid taught many of us this the hard way. But work still needs to be done, children want to be fed, friends want to talk and Tuesday nights is games night (at least for me and a few others)

If you were alone then having routines or developing them became more important.

It's like in many partner dances, where having a frame helps in the communication, lead and follow, keeping things going.

For me this has become important again as I'm traveling while working for myself. A life in flux that's even more in flux

So I'm finding out what my constants are when all else falls away.

Outward Interactions

Interactions with others help us feel connected, may make us feel obliged to talk to to others and remember that there are those who love us!

But it's harder to meet friends for coffees when I'm 2000 km away.

Regular outward interactions are

  • Weekly Board Games (online!)
  • Language lessons and exchanges by video
  • Discord Group(s) around games / work (sometimes the same thing)
  • Messages and conversations with friends and family

Personal Routines

Internal ones are ones which we can (or want to) maintain whatever is going on.

My regular routines are ones I can maintain wherever I am

  • Putting out weekly blog posts for two blogs
  • A morning routine of journals, dance and languages
  • Monday Workday (a breakfast in a cafe and then a long day full of work on one or two projects)
  • Weekly tasks list
  • Podcast Fridays, listening to podcast episodes queued up from the last week

Finishing Up

If you think about it what are the regular internal and external routines you have.

Although having deleted the comments plugin, I'm not sure how you'd answer unless on social media (which I'm not so active on currently). I'll have to add another comments plugin!

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