What Types of Movement Do You Have In Your Life

What Types of Movement Do You Have In Your Life

Physical movement can help our creativity, but have you ever stopped to think what different types of movement are in your life.

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Types of Movement

One of my recent podcast listens was on the human superpower of walking, which talks about how our walking sets us apart from other creatures on Earth and shaped our evolution and creativity.

So I started thinking of the types types of physical movement we have in our modern society and how they might shape our creativity.

Walking. Walking is how most of us get around when not using a vehicle. Outside or inside, from the lounge to the kitchen, along the beach with a partner or on a family walk on the moors.

How much walking do you do? How much outside? On your own or with others? Do you listen to a device while walking? Is it something you use for thinking? Are there any trips you could do by walking instead of another method of transport?

Running. There are many who talk of the benefits of running. And tales of folk who found their purpose after learning to run or training for a running event of some kind. For some it's a daily ritual and others not an option they consider.

Do you run regularly? Has running been a part of your life in the past? Have you ever considered Park Run? Have you found running to be good for thinking? Have you ever got to know a place by running? Have your run regularly with a partner or in a group?

Sports. This is movement that is part of another activity. Probably involving others. Tennis, kitesurfing, golf, squash, football. It can often be easier to participate because there is a community or group tied to it and some kind of organisation.

Do you play any sports? What are your main reasons for doing it? Do you play multiple sports? Do you consider yourself a sporty person? Do you run or walk as part of your sports?

Dance. Movement to music, basically. Solo or with a partner. Organised or solo spontaneous. Everyone can manage it but many think they can't. Disclaimer: I love dancing.

When was the last time you danced to a song? Is dance a regular part of your life? Have you ever tried partner dancing? Do you value dance for creativity or stress relief? Have you ever used dance to get out of the bed in the morning?

In-Place Exercise. There are lots of exercise that involve movement but not going anywhere. Yoga, gym exercises, pilates, qigong. Used mostly for keeping fit or to prepare the body for something else

When was your last in-place exercise? Is this type of exercise part of your life? Do you think much about breathing when doing these?

Harder Walking. Walking up stairs or hills, carrying heavier things or other walking that requires heavier effort. I'm curious if this affects our creativity in any way. Or our breathing and habits.

How often do you do any harder walking? Do you avoid stairs? Does it have any benefit over normal walking?

Finishing Up

This is mostly speculative consideration. Any movement I've overlooked?

Currently I walk everywhere as I have no car and value it for thinking time. Although usually I'm listening to a podcast or audiobook. I occasionally do some park-running, don't do any sport except a bit of paddle-boarding, dance solo and with partners and do some yoga on my own and in a group.

There may be a follow up to this. I might do some research!



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