Keep on Moving

Keep on Moving

I've got a trio of creative messages I'm trying to use in my writings for the blog. The third is

"Keep on Moving"

[Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash]

Kinds of Movement

This follows on from my first two creative messages of "Iterate Bit by Bit to Evolve" and "We are All Creatives".

There are many kinds of movement and here I'm using it with two meanings.

The easy one is physical movement. Walking, running, dancing, journeys.

Then there is movement in our lives. Where we were and who we were and where we are going with things. It doesn't have to be large.

Movement in the Physical Sense

Physical movement is one of the often unrecognised pillars of our health.

For creatives it gives us different perspectives and contrasts, such as the environments we move through on a walk or freedom within a dance.

Taking part in sport, dancing with partners, getting to the shops without a car, running at parkrun, chasing toddlers, swimming in the sea, trekking on the moor.

All involve some kind of interaction, exercise and change in environment. And stress relief.

Maybe a better description is not being still for too long.

I might give it more weight because I value partner dancing and individual dancing for creativity and health.

Using stairs instead of lifts, walking instead of going on small car journeys, getting outside every morning, getting a dog, looking for local exercise or sports groups. For sure it entirely depends on environment and lifestyle.

Movement in Life Goals or Direction

The weightier and harder to define is movement in regards to our life.

As humans it would be nice if we could rest on are laurels and be satisfied. But that's not how we're built. Boredom and curiosity kick in. Unless we're keeping them down with repeating cycles or doom-scrolling on social media.

New challenges, new vistas. Sometimes going sideways instead of up. Focusing inwards instead of outwards. focusing on small things instead of great challenges. Small treats.

Trying something new, or the same thing in a different way. Valuing our traditions and past but not being ruled by them. Have some kind of movement, even if that's knowing you don't want to go anywhere in particular.

Maybe a better description is not being still for too long.

One of my biggest movements was deciding to leave Exeter after 15 years living there. It wasn't important where but a move was needed and the decision was enough. I ended going to Cardiff and coming back to Exeter but everything was forever changed.

Maybe it's actually about changes and intent.

Finishing Up

Another creative message for the blog that will need more exploring.

So that's the third creative message to guide writing on my blog!



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