Outline for A Podcast

Outline for A Podcast

Making an outline for a podcast that doesn't exist (and probably never will).

A Possible Podcast

This article has come from a writing prompt I have, which is "write an outline for a podcast".

Now, I love podcasts, listen to them all the time and think they are a great way to learn about things, get entertainment or create a platform.

I've learnt lots about history, coding, roleplaying games, health, languages, communication and a plethora of other things from them.

And sometimes I think about creating a podcast. Then I remember how much time it would take and how many projects I already have underway. To be fair I could reduce the time with no or minimal editing, and that is the most likely scenario.

And the idea gets shelved again!

So this is all (probably) a hypothetical outline to a podcast.

Possible Podcasts

First up is getting ideas out there. And then selecting one to develop. Five past and new ideas for podcasts include.

  • Interviewing random friends on random subjects (not randomised, just no theme to the podcast)
  • Do a solo roleplaying games podcast, involving playthroughs of games
  • Reading out entries from a solo Gamebook and seeing how that goes. This would be easy and have a coherent narrative
  • Talking about different partner dances, their backgrounds and how they differ from each other.
  • Making a randomiser with a random subject each time and just talking about that.

So of these, the most likely to be made would be the reading out of a solo gamebook! It doesn't require other people, too much thinking and can still be unpredictable

The (non-existant) Gamebook Guest Podcast

The Gamebook Guest podcast would have a different gamebook each time, with me reading out the text, either choosing options as they come up or randomizing them depending on the situation.

If needed, a gamebook could be played over multiple podcasts, and if there is a permanent ending, then I'd end it there for that gamebook and give my thoughts.

I'd start with a few gamebooks I've played before and a few classics such as Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Scorpion Swamp from Fighting Fantasy, and the start of the Lone Wolf Cities.

Then it would be time to try some open-world gamebooks such as Steam Highwayman and Legendary Kingdoms.

Then there would be some branching out, with Sorcery!, Assassin!, Clockwork City and Heart of Ice.

I'd review the gamebook in some way and think about a second playthrough if required.

I'd also need to start off with an overview of the premise, the rules and any other bits of background.

Finishing Up

Hmm, that idea doesn't sound too bad for a podcast. Maybe one day...

What's your idea for a podcast?



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