Creative Podcasts for 2023

Creative Podcasts for 2023

My annual post for creative podcasts! The 4th Year has fewer recommendations.

Blindboy Podcast

This is the main one for me of the year creative wise is the Blindboy Podcast. Blindboy is an Irish author and thinker who talks about Irish mythology, mental health, creativity, the coating for telegram lines under the sea and other random topics.

It's easy to listen to, informative and interesting. And often funny. There is usually 1 episode a week, going for around an hour. Plus a huge backlog, some live chats and the occasional interview (including one with the Irish president).

The Magpies Podcast

This one is an Actual Play of a roleplaying game. The Magpies is on here because I learnt a lot about, playing and running games, about group dynamics, collaboration and improvisation. Plus it's entertaining.

It's unusual because it's an all non-male group, they are playing Blades in the Dark (playing a group of criminals in a grim steampunk-ish setting) and the group plays well together. They listen to each other and collaborate to create a superb experience. And sometimes an emotional rollercoaster.

Blades in the Dark is a very modern game, with each die roll having a significant effect and driving forward the narrative. The games are organised around scores/heists for the gang plus the downtime in between.

It's also a finished thing, a couple years old now with completing four seasons.

Pirate History Podcast

The last one is the Pirate History Podcast by Matt Albers, which has over 250 episodes of pirate goodness that is entertaining and easy to listen to. It starts in the 15th century and goes on to cover much of early piracy in the Caribbean and South America, before covering North Africa and moving onto Asia and circling back around.

For me they are fascinating (if hard to listen to sometimes for the subjects of colonisation) for a look into a very different way of life and a kind of democracy kind of at odds with lives of stealing and killing. And the political tangles of English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese in the Americas. At least for the first 100 episodes or so.

Finishing Up

I think I need to explore a new batch of creative podcasts later this year!



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