The Land of Port: A Tale of Short Words:

The Land of Port: A Tale of Short Words:

This is one more tale with the form of Short Words. My first was in the time of plague. Which tells you how this works in the Rule of Short Words

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The Land of Port

There is a land next to Spain. Not part of it as some may think. But a proud land with a long past of its own.

I went first when young, with my kin and went back lot of times since. And I went once more in June of this year.

But this trip was not the same as in the past. This time I went with a plan and five or six weeks.

I went to see if it was a place to live. In the north of the Land of Port, where is a place ports get their name. The town of Port was full of life and by the sea, with a rich past. It was still with signs of the plague, such as masks in the streets and bars that close soon past the hour of ten. And the rules would change by the week.

By bus and train there were more big towns of the north. A B with lots of shrines, a G where the Land of Port did first start. A C with two main old parts, one up on a hill and the other down low. A town known for those who come to learn.

The Land of Port was Good to Me

I felt at home in the Land of Port. There were new folk to talk to and new things to see. Folk had smiles and made me feel good to be there. Lots of cream tarts were had.

I met a friend who had come to my town the last year. M has too long a name for the Rule of Short Words. M and her man R met me a few times in the land of port. We ate in the town of Port, I saw the town of G through their eyes and met their kin. And we met once more in the south of the Land of Port.

For the end of the trip was a flight to the south of the Land of Port. I met my mum and gave her help with a house. It was the home of mum and dad in the Land of Port. But it was time to move on and sell the place, for it was strange when my dad was not there.

Once our prep was done it went on sale and folk were found to buy it on the first day. And I made the choice that I would try to make a home in the Land of Port. To start with in the town of Port.

As one part of our clan left, the Land of Port will see one more back soon for more.

Post Tale Part

So goes the tale of The Land of Port in short words. I did shed tears in the last part.

Will you try a tale of short words?



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