We are All Creatives

Creative Cycle: Who are The Creatives

I'm writing some articles on Creavity, today looking at different people who define as creatives. This is one that will get expanded in the future! Humans are All Creative Firstly all

Creativity Cycle Overview

Time to start a series of articles on creativity for myself and to help others! Creativity Cycle So I've been doing the creativity bit for a while. Researching (loosely), reading and

A Sketching Group for Porto

I've accidently created a small sketching and painting group in Porto! Organising Your Own Hobbies Ever since I was young, I've been in favour of organising something if it&

A Love of Creating

Continuing a series of things that I love. Which includes Books and Dance. All the Things I like to create things. Even if I then do nothing with them. When younger this was

We Can All Write

We all have the ability to write or learn how to. Not only prose or stories but writing anything from lists to journals. Writing For All There is a value in writing down