We Can All Dance

We Can All Dance

Everyone can dance, even if it's mostly in their heads.

Dance is for All

Part of human culture for 10s of 10000s of years, dance is something within us all, connected to rhythm, chanting, singing, movement and music.

It's a creative thing we can all do in some way. Even if we don't think much of our ability.

It's about connection with others and stress relief. Health and living and adrenaline.

It can be superbly orchestrated for a show, in a group for fun or on our own, flowing and free with no-one watching.

I comes across culture, age and languages.

And. Yet...

Many in modern society believe they can't dance or are ashamed of their dance.

When asked if they would like to dance many say "I have two left feet". It may be to do with self-image, a lack of confidence and co-ordination. Or feeling they need alcohol before they dance.

Yet many who come to learn to dance salsa or jive have never had lessons before turning 25 or 40 or 60. And they do fine with no more ability than anyone else.  And have the same line about two left feet.

So Dance

Dance for yourself, in secret and your room. In the street, in the streets, behind the bar, at work. Every morning to wake yourself up or with a partner who makes you feel connected.

It can connect you with those around, lift the spirits, improve physical health, introduce you to new social groups, boost confidence and so much more.

You might learn more about music, meet a life partner or discover you love it

Dancing in Our Heads

And we can also dance by visualising it in our head.

Visualisation is connected to high performers, creativity and dreams. Nearly anyone can use it for learning, confidence or fun.

So if you want to dance but don't know where to start, try it in your head. Dance with fun and energy and colour. No-one else will see it there, and it can be any style, setting or music you want.

Finishing Up

I might explore more the barriers that make it hard to dance.

When was your last dance?



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