Belated 3 Year Anniversary Post

Belated 3 Year Anniversary Post

I forgot to post at the weekend! So here it is...

Three Years

Dice Song was started as a personal blog experiment three years ago. Here's my first post - Podcasts for Creativity!

It was during the heart of covid, when we'd had long enough to get used to it but not been through our first winter. I'd moved to a flat in Exmouth and dad was falling ill.

Now I've been in Porto for more than 15 months, Covid is a distant memory, I can speak a new language and have met lots of new friends. Also entering life are art, looking after a garden, collaborations and Lindy Hop.

Oh, and Brexit turned out to be a Shit Idea.

What We Hope and What Actually Happens

When we start things we often have hopes for how they will turn out. Often these are totally wrong.

Dice Song was to be a place to share with others, play around with side projects, an experiment in several different things. With ideas for polls, guest writers and feedback.

But it's not that. It's a vanity project where I share what's new in life, what I think might be useful for others to see, share some recommendations and use for a few practical things (like the Porto Coffee Creatives Books List). And put up my paintings and sketches!

It's become an overflow for my thoughts. An accountability partner to put out an update every two months.

And that's ok. It's what I need at the moment.

Who knows what the future holds?

Finishing Up

Happy Summer 2023!

What projects have you had that turned out very different to how they were first conceived?



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