Creative Podcasts for 2022

Creative Podcasts for 2022

Continuing a tradition of 1 post per year recommending podcasts, here are some for 2022!

Podcasts are easy to consume as I walk, housework or travel. I can choose my inputs and learn about things I have an interest in or know nothing about.

Art Juice with Louise Fletcher and Alice Sheridan

A podcast by two artists talking about art and life, their conversations applying their creative minds to all parts of their life.

As I'm not so interested in the finer parts of art or making a living from it I thought I would listen to one at most. But the conversations on Art Juice are engaging, the episodes are an easy listen and under an hour.

I think it is a podcast more about creativity than art.

Happy Place with Fearne Cotton

I recently read Speak Your Truth by Fearne Cotton (waterstones link) about the messages we internalise and how to find our voices.

And from that I started listening to Happy Place, A weekly podcast of long-form interviews with creatives such as Brene Brown, Jamie Oliver and Annie Mac. I'm a fan of Fearne's manner and casual style.

Sub-Class Act with James A. Sral

So this is my first recommendation of a Gaming Podcast for creativity!

But what makes Sub-Class Act different is it's a solo game, meaning the stories are made up as you listen, with the presenter acting as Gamesmaster, Player and Author. Solo Games vary between old classics, simple modern games, journalling games and the most recent version of Dungeons and Dragons.

It's an engaging listen and there are lessons here for storytelling, randomness and journalling. There are switches in tools, game system and genre so there's always something new each episode.

[Link to podcasts]

A similar one concentrating on one story is Errant Adventures which is a sci-fi setting.

History of England with David Crowther

A history podcast is a good source of ideas, stories and looking at past mistakes. As I'm English and have loved history since fairly small this resonates with me.

In the History of England I've currently reached the times of Elizabeth I and it's fascinating to watch England emerge as a "small, dank island" to becoming more involved in the international stage.

David Crowther has an unassuming and relaxed way of presenting, not afraid of dad jokes and going down a rabbit hole or two. There are also guest presenters and a (paid) History of Scotland to listen to.

Finishing Up

Hope you enjoy one or more of these!

Leave me any of your creative podcast recommendations




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