A Sense of Peace

A Sense of Peace

This morning I went to the market in Bolhão for a coffee and to people watch. And then I had no pressing need to accomplish anything or go anywhere...

A Momentary Moment

It was a nice moment, where I felt that I was in a city where I wanted to be, working in a way I enjoy, with friends and a network of people around. With places to dance, game, read, draw and experiment.

But big / critical tasks that needed doing Now.

There are a couple of things that would be nice to add to life at mo, but not critical. It's a nice place to be.

Looking Back

Which led me to look at when I last felt fully like that, and it was in my early thirties, dancing and gaming and living in Exeter.

Before moving to Cardiff (for a year and a bit), stopping work in IT and wanting to learn languages and work as a creative!

I think the difference is in self-education and self determination. With podcasts, books or people. Now I will seek out answers when I've got questions, instead of maybe waiting a long time to stumble over it or hide away from it.

And there's still more to come!

Looking Forward

I think the other part is that I've started thinking about what things I'd like to publish for fun in my work. Instead of what I think might make money. And started on process of writing a book or two.

Also made a one year and five year vision board, which means I'm owning what I want in the future. Or I'll be soon aware if there's something that needs adding to the vision board.

Finishing Up

Hope you've had times when you've felt at peace with yourself and life!




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